Road rage is an epidemic that has swept across America in every big city.  It seems like these days it is more prevalent in today’s fast paced world fueled by technology and social media.  Now you can update your Facebook by copying someone’s license plate number and calling them a ______(insert obscenity here.)

It is a sad world we live in when people act like “stupid idiots” (is that over-kill?) by getting out of their cars and getting into fights because someone cut them off, or someone is driving too slow, I sometimes wonder if we really have evolved.  Even on Dr. Phil today, there was a doctor who was taped “shoving” a lady to the ground, a bit out of control for any of us but an educated man, kinda hard to believe.  Of course this happened in New York City or somewhere up north.  My boyfriend said that a southern boy would never put his hands on a woman, unless you’re married to her.

Have we really lost our humanity when we get behind the wheel of our vehicles?  It seems like people have a “me first” attitude on our roads especially in the cities.  Out in the rural areas of the country people seem to be a lot more laid back, not as selfish as the city folk.  I guess no one wants to get into a collision when you have a rolling meth lab in your car.

Avoid road rage by using your signal before you turn or change lanes, use the left lane for passing only and don’t tailgate anyone (that means driving too close to the car in front of you, not hanging out in a stadium parking lot, with your face painted, drinking a keg.)  If someone is honking at you, just avoid eye contact, act like you don’t even see them…in other words, act like you live in New York City.  If all else fails, pull out your cell phone and your gun and ask them “which one do you want me to use?!”  By the way, just kidding about the gun!  And the cell phone,  I threw mine at a pedestrian last week and it broke.

Until next week…be nice.  And don’t call anyone a stupid idiot.  It’s so immature!

Daun Thompson

(Daun Thompson is a comedienne, writer and artist living in Dallas, Texas)