It is too common to hear stories about pets that are left in cars. We all know how dangerously hot your vehicle can become, especially in the warmer seasons. When left unattended in hot temperatures, pets are subject to heatstroke or even death. Although some pets are found before any serious injury occurs, not only is it extremely uncomfortable for your pet, but it is a gamble, unfortunately, that many pets often lose. Today at Comedy Defensive Driving School, we’ll help shed some insight on how to stay more responsible with your pet’s health during the summer season.

Prevention Is the Best Solution

It is difficult for devoted pet owners to leave without their best friend. As a general rule, however, it is best to only bring your pet along on your trip if he or she is able to travel with you wherever you go. In some cases, pet owners may feel that cracking the window can help reduce the vehicle temperature. Unfortunately, this is not true. Dogs, for example, only perspire around their paws, which is not sufficient enough to cool their entire body. This is why panting is a reflexive behavior for dogs, as it helps remove excess heat. Areas with high humidity or close quarters highly limit the effectiveness of panting.
Heatstroke is a serious medical emergency. An animal who is suffering from heat stroke must be taken care of immediately, in a calm and quick manner. In general, veterinarian assistance can help your pet if acted upon quickly, but even with emergency treatment, heatstroke can be fatal. The absolute best solution is prevention. Some signs that a pet may be experiencing the beginning stages of heatstroke include:

• Panting
• Over-anxious behavior
• Disobedience
• Warm or dry skin
• Fevered temperature
• Rapid heartbeat
• Vomiting
• Collapse
Here at Comedy Defensive Driving, we care about your pet’s health. Summer does not have to be an inactive season for you and your furry friend. By taking necessary precautions, your pet can stay active and healthy in the heat, as long as their health is attended to in a responsive and smart manner.