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Comedy Defensive Driving utilizes the power of laughter to reinvigorate the classroom setting into a dynamic, fun, and entertaining environment. Experiencing the joy of humor and laughter has always been a valuable communicative technique to not only entertain, but to also re-contextualize information in a way that resonates with the individual on a personal level.

In fact, there are many benefits to incorporating comedy within the learning environment. Many informational television and radio programs understand the impact of comedy when joined with education, as it helps the viewer and listener stay engaged while also being entertained.

Below we’ll highlight the many benefits of comedic instruction and how it can not only help with absorbing information, but also assist in improving your wellbeing in the long-term.

A Fresh Outlook

“It is what we think we know that keeps us from learning.”

– Chester Barnard, Author and Pioneer of Management Theory and Organizational Studies

Most people look at a classroom setting with the presumption that an educational environment is a boring, sterile, and very serious place. Although this may be a popular outlook on an educational setting, teachers from all over the world utilize techniques which often times may seem contradicting to our traditional learning methods. Meanwhile, comedy and entertainment is a recognized tool within the teaching community, and is not only adopted by some of the top educators in the world, but is a fundamental teaching method for many specialized schooling systems.

Laughter & Cognitive Learning

“Emotion drives attention and attention drives learning.”

– Robert Sylwester, Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Oregon

Humor has the ability to disarm an individual’s notions while capturing the attention of the brain. Students have always struggled with scattered focus and lack of motivation. The attention of the brain, however, engages extremely well with information that is entertaining and fun. The element of surprise is utilized in the storytelling, jokes, and riddles of any comedic performer, which helps fortify many common cognitive roadblocks, like memory and concentration.

Creative Learning

“The map is not the territory.”

– Alfred Korzbyski, Philosopher and Scientist

Creativity, just like humor, combines together very diverse ideas that generate the flexible thinking necessary for complex problem solving. In fact, our sense of humor and creativity introduce new associations within pre-existing concepts, allowing for a stronger sense of adaptive thought to newer ideas. Incorporating humor within instruction inspires creative impulsive thought, giving the student power, confidence, and pleasure to think as a leader and increase attention and retention.


Humor remains an essential tool to educators around the world. Organizations recognize that laughter sparks a natural sense of enthusiasm and opens the learning mind to not only focus, but to do so in a way that inspires curiosity and deeper thought. Learning thrives in an environment that welcomes humor.

At Comedy Defense Driving, we are all about the combination of entertainment and education. We understand the impact of laughter in a learning environment, which is why we offer classes taught by some of the leading comedic talents today. Visit our classroom course options near you to learn more.