Defensive Driving Courses in Houston
Houston businesses, which rely upon vehicles to make deliveries, transport employees, or other such purposes need to ensure they hire safe drivers. It is worth your time to ask qualified candidates to provide a copy of their driving record as part of their application, or obtain their permission to pull this report. Their driving record will tell you whether they have had any tickets, the type of driving offenses, and the number of points currently on their license. You should also ask them to complete a course in defensive driving training course for employees in Houston.

If your company operates and maintains its own fleet of vehicles, your corporate vehicle insurance policies could have certain restrictions on who is allowed to drive and operate these vehicles. For instance, anyone under the age of 25 may not be allowed to drive one of your company vehicles. Further, your policy might have exclusions, so if one of your employees has a DUI, impaired driving charge, been involved in a serious accident, or has an excessive amount of points on their license, they are not covered if they drive one of your vehicles.

Benefits for Completing Corporate Defensive Driving Courses in Houston

Your insurance company may give you a discount for each employee who completes a corporate defensive driver training course in Houston. You can sign up for corporate training, either in a classroom-based environment, or online instruction using one of our programs. Each of our classes is taught by a state certified instructor who is also a comedian. Instead of listening to mono-tone instructors cover course materials, students are entertained and engaged in a fun learning environment.

Defensive Driving Classes for Corporations. Comedy Defensive Driving School Comedy defensive driving training courses for employees are available for companies interested in providing traffic school education to its drivers for insurance reduction or OSHA requirements. Give to your employees the gift of knowledge, our courses are taught by professional comedians that entertain with very clean humor!

Both our online and Houston classroom-based corporate defensive driver training courses help to protect your employees, reduce insurance premiums, help protect your vehicles, further your company’s safety record, reduce at-fault accidents, and make it easier to better manage and access driver risks. For more information about our corporate defensive driving training, visit our website or call us directly.