If you want to erase your Texas traffic ticket, our Comedy Defensive Driving course can do that for you. You decide whether you want to take our online course or classroom course. If you like to be around other people as you learn, you can take our Comedy Defensive Driving in Houston in the area where you live. Simply enter your zip code and you can choose the date of the class that you want to take. You can find weekday classes and weekend classes in the Houston area. With our defensive driving course in Texas, you can accomplish these things:

• Dismiss a traffic ticket

• Reduce your auto insurance premiums

You will want to be sure to arrive on time for your class since state law does not allow students to enter the class late. You will need to bring along your state issued ID, whether it’s your driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate and a copy of your traffic ticket. If you were given any paperwork by the court, please bring that too.

More about Defensive Driving in Houston

When you come to our defensive driving in Houston, you will need to bring along a few other items, including a pen. You’ll need this to take notes and for a test at the end of the class. Our class costs only $29.95 that you need to bring in cash or money order, or you can pay on our ComedyDefensiveDriving.com website beforehand if you prefer. You will also want to bring meal money because we will be selling food and drink items during designated times. Last of all, bring your sense of humor to our driving safety course in Texas and get ready to laugh a lot.