Before you register for our Comedy Defensive Driving course, you will need to get your Texas driving record. This may seem like an odd requirement, but the court that handled your traffic ticket wants to be sure that you qualify to take defensive driving. Although some courts will get your driving record for you, there are others who expect you to get your record by yourself. Most courts tell you if you need to obtain your driving record when you appear before the judge concerning your traffic ticket. The court wants to know how many times you have had traffic tickets dismissed. If you have not yet had a ticket dismissed this year, there is a good chance that you are eligible to take our defensive driving in Texas online.

If you do need to get your Texas driving record yourself, the easiest way that we have found to do this is to go online to the State of Texas website. Follow the links to “Order driving record,” and complete the short form with your name, address, and other information. Be sure to get version 3A — the certified copy version that most courts require. After you pay $12.00 by credit card online, the state will send your driver’s record to you, and you should receive it in about a week or less.

Getting Your Texas Driving Record Is the First Step to Dismissing Your Traffic Ticket Online

Once you receive your Texas driving record, you will need to take it to the courthouse to be sure that you are eligible to take TX defensive driving. If so, you can immediately register for our online Comedy Defensive Driving Course. Here is some information about it:

• It is accepted by all courts in Texas
• No reading, writing, or arithmetic
• Our online course is all-video, so stop it if you need to, and resume watching where you left off
• Low price of $25.00 is the lowest allowed by law
• Written by top comedic talent

More than 2,500,000 students across the country have taken our course. We know that you will laugh throughout our video as you dismiss your traffic ticket.