With all of the rideshare apps available today, there is absolutely no reason to drink and drive.

These apps have evolved in a very short time. When I downloaded my first ride share app I was just blown away at how a satellite can pinpoint those rideshare drivers and show them moving around like little cockroaches on the map. Even cooler, you can see as they get closer to your pick up location. Then a picture of the driver pops up, with a description of the car and the license plate number.

Better yet, if the driver isn’t really your “type” you can cancel the ride and order another until you get a cuter driver. Hey, it’s cheaper than eharmony. Of course I’m just kidding. But honestly, they’ve already been screened, so you know that not only are they not a felon, but they most definitely do have a job and they do own a car (nah, again, I’m just kidding…or am I?).

Surely those rideshare drivers on the night shift are picking up passengers who are carrying open containers with them like it’s 1979. I know because I’ve been with those passengers who do it and nothing is said. The drivers in those situations (at least in the cars I’ve been in) don’t seem to mind, but perhaps they don’t realize that they would be the one to receive an open container fine.

 Perhaps we can all help to share this information with our rideshare drivers about having open alcohol containers in rideshare vehicles, in case they’re not privy to the laws. I would say no matter the generous tip, it wouldn’t be worth the fine. How selfish of those people to put that driver in a potentially bad situation. And what if the driver didn’t know that a passenger was in possession of an open container, such as a last call drink concealed under their jacket? I’ve gotten in my car plenty of times after a night out with my girls and it was like stepping into Margaritaville.  Not only do impaired people not consider the consequences of transporting an open container, they often don’t take it with them when they exit.

Think about it next time you hop in a ride share and be considerate of your ride-share driver.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson

Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Open Containers in Rideshare Vehicles – Comedy Defensive Driving