I saw an automobile insurance advertisement on a city bus that said “No Driver License? No Problem!” Now, that’s very disturbing to me. I always thought that you actually need a driver license to insure a vehicle. That just makes sense.

Someone told me just yesterday that she was broadsided by a non-resident who ran a red light. The woman was driving someone else’s car, which was insured, but the woman did not have a driver license and did not speak English. I’m sure the incident was absolutely terrifying for the visitor to our country. She likely had no idea of the extent that the law might punish her, like in other countries (maybe even her own country) since she was at fault. Thankfully, the woman she hit was not injured. But within a few days of the accident, the foreign woman was claiming that she was actually injured in the crash. In addition to the injury claim, she also created other diversions, likely trying to avoid the “no driver license” issue. So, what is the law regarding being licensed to drive?

Driving without a license is a misdemeanor. And the consequences of driving without a license becomes more severe if the offense is repeated.  The first offense is no greater than a $200 fine. The fine increases with each subsequent offense. The third offense, along with a hefty fine, often results in jail time.  If a minor gets caught without a driver license, the total penalties will also include a towing fee, impound fee and court fee. Additionally, the offense will directly affect the time period until the minor can obtain their license at 16. Community service hours and a little time in the “juvee” may be added by the judge. The parents could also be held liable and charged with negligence, if they knowingly allowed their child to drive.  Driving with a suspended license, although also a misdemeanor, is a more serious offense and generally carries more severe penalties.

Oh, and about that woman?  Apparently, an undocumented immigrant is not permitted to obtain a driver license in Texas.

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Daun Thompson

Writer / Comedienne / Artist

No Driver License – Comedy Defensive Driving