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You may be wondering why the State of Texas would allow you to take a course like our online defensive driving in Texas that is so much fun when you were in court for a traffic citation. The Texas Education Agency has given us their approval for ticket dismissal and insurance reduction. Educators know that students remember what they learn when they can think of a funny story or a joke about the subject. Yes, you will learn about defensive driving, but you will have fun while you learn from our course that was written by a professional comedian.

Take Our Online Defensive Driving in Texas on Your Schedule

One of the greatest benefits of taking our online defensive driving in Texas course is that you can watch the video at a time that is convenient for you. There is no need to take off of school or lose money taking off of work to attend an all-day class. Our course is only 5 hours long with 1 additional hour or break time. You can divide it into several segments, or watch it straight through. When you are finished, we send your certificate to you by USPS. With so many benefits, there is no reason to not register for our driving safely course in Texas right now. The price is only $25.00, which is the lowest price allowed in the state.