If you are dreading the fact that you need to take an online defensive driving course because you have received a traffic citation, or you want to lower your auto insurance rate, there is one way to have fun while you do this. That is by taking our defensive driving course online at Comedy Defensive Driving. We will not nag you to drive safely, and you will not be lectured about your driving habits when you take our course. There are no thick driving manuals to read, problems to solve, or essays to write. You simply sit back at your home computer, or any computer with internet access, and watch our defensive driving video. It’s as simple as that. Here are some additional facts about our course:

• There is no reading required
• 100% video course
• No writing or arithmetic is involved
• It’s easy to complete our course
• It is written by top comedians who entertain professionally
• There are no hidden fees
• Our online course costs only $25.00
• It is available across the US

Our online course is state approved, and we send you a certificate of completion after you finish watching our video. This is your proof that you have taken and finished a defensive driving course.

Online Defensive Driving on Your Schedule, Not on Someone Else’s

One of the main advantages of taking our online defensive driving course is that you decide when you want to watch our video. Since you fit it into your schedule, you do not need to take time off of work to sit in a boring class. Instead, you relax, and enjoy the jokes and humor provided as you learn about defensive driving.