We all know that it can be a real pain if you receive a traffic citation. Your driving record is affected by this, and you may have to pay more for auto insurance for years to come. Luckily, if you live in the State of Texas, you probably qualify to take our Defensive Driving Course online in Texas. Our course is never dull or boring, because we know that people do not learn and retain information from being bored, but you will remember driving tips that are funny. The Texas State Education Agency also knows the value of learning from humor. Our online course is state approved and is accepted by every court in the state. Here are some important facts about our online defensive driving courses:

• There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic involved in our courses
• Simply watch an entertaining video that was written by professional comedians
• Take our course anywhere that has an internet connection
• Our online course is convenient and flexible

You decide when you can watch our online course, which makes it easy to fit our driving safety course in Texas into your schedule. There is no taking off of work, or losing pay with our online class, because you can simply watch the video when you have time. If you need to stop, that is okay. You can just resume watching where you left off. When you have finished the course, we will send your certificate to you — and we process certificates daily. This means that yours will be on its way before long.

Our Defensive Driving Course Online Is Affordable

We charge only $25.00 for our defensive driving course online, and this is the lowest price allowable by law. Everything is included, and we will mail your certificate to you by US Postal Service. We do offer expedited shipping by FedEx, including Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight 2nd Day Air, and Express Saver, or you can receive your certificate by Courier. Once it arrives, you will need to submit it to the court that handled your traffic citation so that it is recorded on your driving record. Your ticket will then be dismissed, and you will also quality for lower auto insurance rates that will save you up to 10% on your insurance.

If you have the computer basics, you will be ready to easily complete our online course. It works on all Mac-, Windows-, and Linux-based systems. Of course, you need to have a mouse and keyboard, speakers or earphones, and internet browser. DSL or broadband is also required, plus Adobe Flash Player that is 8.0 or greater.

We recommend that you register now so that you can begin to have fun with our online course. More than 2,500,000 students have completed Comedy Defensive Driving since 1989. We know that you will enjoy our hilarious video that will be the easy way to dismiss your traffic ticket. At Comedy Defensive Driving, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, because we know that you will enjoy taking our course, just like millions of other students who have taken our online course.