I read a post that a friend of mine made on Facebook that she had been pulled over in Illinois for driving in the left lane on the freeway. She was stunned that the officer told her that the left lane is for passing only. First of all, I find it funny that she didn’t already know this since we met in my Comedy Defensive Driving School classroom. She, and her lead foot were in there for speeding. Probably speeding in the left lane, I’m guessing.

Although it’s only posted on signs on Interstates that the left lane is for passing only, this applies to any high speed roadway. For one reason, it’s a giant road rage issue. Even if you’re already speeding in the left lane (that’s why people call it the “fast lane”), traffic in all lanes may be traveling at the same speed and there are cars behind them, trying to pass and it makes them nuts. So the left lane should always be left open for passing. It helps with the flow of traffic.

If the highway, freeway, interstate or rural route is only two lanes, you are still expected to stay in the right lane, unless you are passing. When traffic is merging from an on-ramp, moving over to the passing lane to allow traffic to enter the right lane is acceptable since that is considered a passing situation. But camping out in the right lane is certainly a moving violation. Or, perhaps good, probable cause to pull you over and detain you with a 45 minute lecture.

So, not only Illinois enforces the left passing only law, all states are writing citations for it. And, here in Texas, I know for certain since I hear about it in my classes from students, driving 75mph in a 60mph zone is still too slow for other drivers. They’ll pass you on the right before you can even move over to allow them to pass. They’ll also honk at you and flip you off. That’s what the sunroof is for, btw. It’s for giving people the finger. And if you can drive with your knees, you can flip them off with both hands.

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Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Left Lane Is For Passing Only – Comedy Defensive Driving School