Every summer we hear of this horrific mistake when we turn on the news. And, a mistake or human error is exactly what this is. We are only human and we all make mistakes. Of course this particular one is definitely a whopper. But it’s not as if the parent or guardian isn’t already remorseful, and they usually serve prison time as well.  I am not siding with the guilty party, nor am I saying that what they did is not to be made an example of. In fact, that seems to be the best way to get the word out. The point is, at least this starts a conversation about what measures one can do to avoid this. I read an article about the father who left his twins in a hot car in New York City recently and how his community rallied for this grieving man. This father had made the biggest mistake of his life.

Humans Make Mistakes

I am a single parent and recall getting little sleep with all of the diaper changes and timed feedings. And, if I had worked outside of the home, I most certainly could have made mistakes due to my absent-mindedness. We’re all in such a big hurry and have too much on our minds. I realize that leaving a coffee cup on top of the car and then driving away is in no way a comparison to leaving a sleeping child in the car. Although we have probably all done something like this coffee cup faux pas because we have so much on our minds. Before laws were enacted to put children in the back seat due to the dangers of air bags, these fatalities were rare.

So, who is doing something about this?

Kids And Cars is a a national nonprofit organization devoted to saving the lives of young children and pets in and around vehicles. You can find a wealth of information that you can use and perhaps share with parents, guardians, family and friends on this website. They also accept donations. You can check out their website at


And what can are car manufacturers doing about this? There are suggestions and even products sold for simple, everyday reminders that you can use or share. Cars are equipped with sensors that automatically lock and unlock the airbag in the front passenger side. These sensors monitor the weight distribution on the seat. Although not all cars are equipped with these sensors in the back seat, it is said to be an issue that has attracted the attention of congress. And new bills have been aimed at requiring car manufacturers to put that technology into new automobiles.

The Director of the Kids and Cars advocacy, Amber Rowlins has some interesting thoughts on this matter. She says parents don’t leave their children in cars because they don’t care about the legal repercussions of being charged with manslaughter. They have no idea they’re leaving them behind. And fear of going to jail is not going to stop that from happening.

Education and car manufacturing safety standards are the key in stopping this dreadful mistake.

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LEAVING A CHILD IN A HOT CAR – Comedy Defensive Driving