Motorcycle laws vary from state to state. And, although motorcyclists know these laws, people driving motor vehicles should know them as well. For instance, with the issue of lane splitting, only in California is it legal to split lanes. So, yes, it is illegal to split lanes in Texas. But, if a motorcyclist is splitting lanes or riding on the shoulder in traffic, although it may be illegal, it doesn’t warrant someone to block their path to keep them from doing it. That, too, is illegal since it can cause an accident (or even death). So, teaching someone a “lesson” by killing them is also illegal. Some of us just need to learn how to share the road with motorcycles.

I grew up with motorcycles. When I was a kid, my Dad’s Harley was our alarm clock. He’d be getting home from the pub around the time we needed to get ready for school. He’d pull into the garage and rev it up before he shut it down. It would shake the entire house. In Texas, there is no maximum sound level law in place. In fact, a lot of bikers who don’t own a Harley Davidson motorcycle have put loud muffler packages on their bikes so people will at least hear them, even if they can’t see them. Sometimes Dad would take us for a ride on his bike. We’d ride on the fuel tank. Thank goodness we’ve evolved since then! Now, passenger age restrictions on a motorcycle indicate that anyone under 5 must ride in a sidecar, facing backwards (just kidding about the facing backwards part).

Rider education is required if you are under the age of 18, and required if you are over 21 and choose not to wear a helmet. Or, your option there would be to have proof that you hold insurance covering injuries that result from a motorcycle accident. Again, thank goodness we’ve evolved.

A few other laws in Texas and most other states are that you have to have your headlights on during the day and you must have at least one side mirror. That’s also helps you to see who is running you off the road. Because people in cars just don’t pay attention. Texting, talking, fiddling with stuff in the car while they are driving. There are unlimited distractions in the car. And, with more motorcycles on the road now, that’s a lethal combination.

So, look twice for motorcycles. And share the road. Remember, those motorcyclists have families, like the rest of us. Some even have wives and kids. Well, that would be Utah. I meant a wife (singular) and kids.

Until next week….

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Learn How To Share The Road With Motorcycles – Comedy Defensive Driving