“Everything is bigger and better in Texas!”That’s pretty much the un-official slogan of the lone star state but there is one more slogan you can add to the list; “Piss us off on the road and we’ll shoot you!”Road rage is an infectious psychotic pandemic that has swept across America since the 19—‘s and has grown with the change of pop culture and the so-called “advancement of society.”Long gone are the days of human decency and kindness to your fellow man…and woman.Even in Texas, that is referred to as the “Friendly State” has its fair share of Wild West shoot outs on our freeways.Now I know I have wrote on the subject of road rage more times than any other topic even more than the number of sexual innuendos…OK, sexual innuendos is leading by one. But road rage seems to be on the rise or maybe it’s just me lately feeling like I want to shot the a$$(-)*!% who just cut me off on the freeway!I’m afraid living in a big city like Dallas and all the freeway gridlock is turning me into the kind of person I do not like;some pretentious jerk who thinks it’s all about him and “screw everybody else.”I don’t want to be that person!I don’t want to tailgate an elderly person who might be driving too slowly like George Costanza shoving old people and children out of the way to escape a burning building.

I will have to do something different if I want to make a difference in my world, a world with no road rage and not so much stress when I drive.It seems like when I start my day everything is fine at first but after 2 miles on 635 I turn into Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome!I will have to keep a sign on my bath room mirror to remind me;“Today I will not get road rage and I will NOT shoot anyone!”Join me again next week and until then…

Take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton