It really is possible to enjoy yourself and laugh through a defensive driving course. Comedy Defensive Driving has been helping more than 2,500,000 students complete our course. These students were able to dismiss their traffic ticket while they had a good time. If you live in Texas, our course is State Approved by all Courts in the State of Texas. You have two options for completing our driving safely course in Texas. One of these is to attend a class, such as our defensive driving in Austin, TX, or in many other cities in the state. The other option is to take our online course. You can do this as long as you have a computer and a few other basic items, including these:

• DSL or Broadband

• Internet Browser

• Adobe Flash Player 8.0, or greater

• A Mouse and Keyboard

• Speakers or Headphones

• Operating System, such as Mac, Windows, or Linux

Our online course consists of 5 hours of course time, plus one hour of break time. Since you are taking the course in the privacy of your home, you can stop the video that you will be watching, if you need to grab a snack or answer the door. Then, when you return, simply begin watching the video, again, at the point where you stopped. You will definitely laugh and enjoy yourself as you dismiss your traffic ticket online.

Our Defensive Driving Course Is Affordable

We charge only $25 for our defensive driving online course, and this is the lowest price allowable by law. You will not need to do any reading, writing, or arithmetic when you take our course. It is very easy, and will be over before you know it. We send out certificates daily, and yours will arrive to you in a matter of days. If you want expedited shipping, we offer several options for an additional charge. There is no extra charge when we send your certificate to you by regular U.S. Postal Service.