Be sure to sign up for our online defensive driving classes if you have been mandated by the court to attend Florida Traffic School. Taking our online course is much more fun than sitting through a boring class somewhere else. Our class is State Approved by the State of Florida and is accepted by all courts in the state. You can take our online course if you are a resident of Florida and have a Florida driver’s license, or if you received a ticket in Florida. Either way, completing our course will do these things for you:

• No points will be assessed against your driver’s license

• Your civil fine or penalty may be reduced up to 18%

• You will maintain Safe Driver status (if there was no traffic accident involved)

• Your insurance company cannot raise your premium or refuse to renew a policy for motor vehicle insurance only due to your non-criminal traffic infraction, if there was no traffic accident involved

Florida Traffic School Is a Barrel of Laughs with Our Comedy Defensive Driving Class

Many Florida residents and tourists who received a traffic citation while visiting Florida have completed our online FL traffic school. Florida Traffic School by Comedy Defensive Driving was created by real comedians who will keep you laughing throughout the 4-hour course. There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic – just sit back and enjoy the video that you will watch until it is completed. If you need to stop for any reason, just resume watching where you left off. We charge only $25, which is the lowest price allowed by law. This amount includes everything. When you are finished, your certificate will be electronically submitted to the DMV.