If you have been mandated by a court to take a defensive driving class, or if you want to lower your auto insurance premiums, you may be dreading taking a defensive driving course. Put a smile on your face! If you take our online course at Comedy Defensive Driving, you will actually enjoy our course that was written by professional comedians.
We offer our online course all over the U.S. You can also attend a class that is taught by a professional comedian in a brick and mortar building. These are held in many cities throughout the country. Here are some facts about Comedy Defensive Driving:
• We have been in business for over 20 years
• More than 2,500,000 students have been served
• Our course is State Approved
• We offer a fast, easy way to complete a defensive driving course
• You can take our course for Ticket Dismissal or Point Reduction
Our Defensive Driving Class
You can take our defensive driving class online, no matter which state you live in. If you live in Ohio, completing our course will enable you to get a 2-point credit. Our course will count as a DVM/Court approved traffic school to dismiss a ticket or reduce your insurance premiums. Online courses are available in all other states, as well. Just start by clicking on your state, register online, and you will be ready to begin your course.