As a defensive driving instructor, I hear all kinds of driver pet peeves.  One of the most common driving pet peeves has to be tailgating.  But when you have a room full of speed demons and traffic outlaws, what do you think is the number one driving-nuisance?  Oh course, “slow drivers” or the “really slow drivers” under the influence of marijuana!  My students think driving 10 over the speed limit on the freeway is too slow and after every class, I make sure they all get a 10 minute head start out of the parking lot.


Tailgating is a major annoyance to me and I’m sure to you too.  If I’m in the left lane and I see someone coming up behind me, I move over.  Don’t wait until that other driver is on your bumper, move over in time!  If someone is tailgating, don’t do a break check and hope they are covered financially by that funny little gecko.  Simple turn on your blinker to let them know you see them and that you are moving over.


Our world of driving in the U.S. will never be perfect, but all of us have a personal responsibility to help make it a little easier.  What’s your driving pet peeve?  Let me know and I’ll talk to you next week.


Take Care-

Danny Keaton