Sharing the roads with bad drivers is a daily routine we all know too well. What can you do to change all this bad driving behavior? Good news, there is something you can do!

One time there was a run-down neighborhood in the inner city. Vacant houses and defiled buildings lined the pot-holed streets. A group of artists lived in the neighborhood and were tired of the eyesores and crime in the area. They went to the city for help, but were rejected.
The artists said, “We can fix our neighborhood ourselves.” All they needed were some paintbrushes, shovels and brooms. They were visionary enthusiasts. The city wanted to send in bulldozers and get rid of the squalor. The city said the neighborhood was ugly, the artist said, “No, it’s beautiful, you just can’t see it yet.”
So they all started their tasks to fix what was theirs and a guy who worked for Lowe’s saw this and told his boss. His supervisor told his boss and Lowe’s said, “We can donate building supplies, we will help you.”
Then other people started to take notice, they said “We are plumbers, electricians and laborers, we will work beside you.”
A mom and pop restaurant said, “We don’t have building supplies or construction workers, but you need food to work, we will feed you.”

Before you knew it, they had transformed a helpless, slum ward into a neighborhood the artists were proud to call home and the other people were proud to say they helped.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

To avoid all the bad driving behavior, be the driver you would want everybody else to be. Take care and I’ll talk to you next week.

-Danny Keaton