Taking our defensive driving course online is the easiest way possible to handle getting rid of that unwanted traffic ticket that is on your driving record. If you want to dismiss your traffic ticket, we can help. Comedy Defensive Driving has been in business since 1989, and, in that time, we have helped more than 2.5 million students get their traffic tickets off their record. Many people find that taking our online Texas defensive driving course is the best way to handle this situation. Our course is always entertaining, and there are many benefits to taking it online. You can fit the course into your schedule instead of rearranging your schedule to fit a class into it. There is no taking off of school or work when you complete your course online. If you need to stop to get a snack, answer the phone, or go to work, simply stop the video. When you continue, it will automatically take you to the spot where you left off.

Once you finish your online course, we will mail your certificate to you. We process certificates every day, so you will not need to wait weeks to receive it. When you appeared in court for your traffic offense, you were given a due date when paperwork from your course must be submitted. Your certificate is proof that you have successfully finished your course. After processing your certificate, your traffic ticket will be dismissed.

Our Defensive Driving Course Online Is Hilarious

When you begin your defensive driving course online, you will lose track of time, because the video is so entertaining. It was written by professional comedians who know how to make people laugh. Here are some additional facts about our course:

• State approved by all courts in Texas
• All video
• No reading or writing
• Money back guarantee
• Take at home or anywhere with internet access
• Reduce your auto insurance premium by up to 10%

TX defensive driving online takes only 5 hours of course time, plus 1 hour of break time, so you can finish your course in one day, or break it up into smaller amounts for a week. One of the benefits of taking our online course is that you are in charge of how you complete your course. You will need the computer basics that you probably already have to take our course, such as an internet connection, a mouse and keyboard, headphones or speakers, and Adobe Flash Player 8.0, or greater. Our course works on any Operating System, whether you have a Mac, PC, or Linux-based computer.

Our students find that learning with humor is the best way to remember the driving tips that are taught. Many of our former students have told us that they remembered a funny joke or something from the course when they were driving. The Texas Education Agency knows that students remember what they learned longer, when humor is involved, and that is why they approve our class. For only $25.00 for our online course, you get a real bargain. After your certificate arrives, you can contact your auto insurance company to request your discount on your insurance. When you can potentially save hundreds of dollars each year on your auto insurance premiums, taking our course is even more attractive.

If you like the thought of taking our course on your schedule, then you can register and begin right away. It doesn’t matter if you are in your pajamas or underwear, because when we say that you are in control, we mean it. Even if you have previously taken a defensive driving course, most courts allow you to take another course if it has been a year since you last took it. If you have any questions, we welcome your call at (972) 573-2700. We also have a helpful Click and Chat option that allows you to access our online support. We are here to help you dismiss your traffic ticket, and we look forward to helping you do this.