Over 2.5 million students have taken our Comedy Driving school course since we began our business in 1989. They completed our course and were able to dismiss their traffic ticket in only hours. You can do the same thing when you register for our comedy driving school. In the State of Texas, you have the choice of taking an in-class course or an online course. Each of these has its own advantages, so you choose the option that works best for you. If you want to meet new people and enjoy some time out, then register for our in-class Texas defensive driving courses. Our students tell us that they felt just like they were at their local comedy club. That’s because our classes are taught in cities throughout Texas by professional comedians. These are entertainers who know how to make people laugh and feel good.

Our online defensive driving course in Texas has its own very good advantages, as well. All that you need for our online course is the computer basics that you probably already have. You decide when you want to work on your course. You can do it in one weekend afternoon, or complete it little by little, by watching an hour or so of our video each night. The video automatically resumes where you left off. One of the things that our online students appreciate about this option is that they do not need to skip school, take off work and lose money, or change their schedules in any way. They simply fit their video watching into their schedules whenever they can. Here are some additional facts about our TX defensive driving online:

• Dismiss your traffic ticket by watching a hilarious video
• Our course was written by top comedic talent
• Cost is low, at only $25.00
• Save money by reducing your auto insurance by as much as 10% after completing our course
• Consists of only 5 hours of course time, plus one hour of break time
• Certificates are processed the same day and are sent to you by regular mail
• You can order expedited shipping by FedEx for an extra charge
• Course is simple and easy, with no reading or writing

Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket at Our Comedy Driving School

Our comedy driving school is approved by every court in Texas and by the Texas Education Agency. They know that students remember funny things that they see as they learn, so they put their stamp of approval on our course. Our course is not only great for dismissing traffic tickets and for getting a reduction in your auto insurance. It is also ideal for corporate training.

If you are looking for engaging, entertaining driver safety courses for your business, government agency, or other organization, we can help. We offer either online courses or classroom settings for corporate groups.

Some of the advantages of our Comedy Defensive Driver Safety Training are that it will protect your employees. They will learn or review defensive driving strategies that will protect them as they drive your company vehicles. You will also limit liability and manage risk more efficiently. Another advantage is that you will have a substantial savings on your insurance premiums after employees have completed our course. Your staff will be able to use their time for other more important tasks, instead of wasting their time filing claims. Stock holders and company owners will appreciate that employees will cause less damage to vehicles, equipment, and inventory after they complete our course. A company’s safety record is important, and your employees will know how to maintain your good record by driving defensively. If you would like to know more about our corporate training, you can call us at 1-866-540-0584.