If you have been considering registering for a defensive driving school in Texas, you will want to be sure that the one you register for is accredited. At Comedy Defensive Driving, we are approved by all courts in the State of Texas. We are also accredited by the Texas Education Agency. More than 2,500,000 students have successfully completed our course since 1989 when we first began our business. Our belief is that a driving safety course in Texas does not need to be unbearable or boring. We know that our course is effective because research shows that students retain information that is presented in an interesting way that keeps them focused. Many of our former students have told us that they remembered the joke about running a red light the time they were tempted to do this, after taking our course. Others say that the image presented by the professional comedian who taught their course has stuck in their mind for a long time. Our course is not only effective in helping you avoid further traffic tickets; it is also the funniest course you will ever take.

You can take our course by attending a class in a city where you live, or there is one nearby, because we have locations all over the State of Texas. Many students appreciate our online course that involves simply watching a video. Either way that you take it, you are sure to learn a lot and have fun as you do it. Here are some basic facts about our online defensive driving classes:

• No reading or writing
• Stop and start whenever you want to
• Stay in control of when you take your course
• Go to defensive driving school in your underwear
• Laugh at our video that was written by top comedic talent
• Money back guarantee
• Dismiss your traffic ticket from your driving record
• Lower your insurance rate by as much as 10%
• Certificate is mailed to you once you complete our course

More Information about Our Defensive Driving School

You know that there must be a reason why millions of people have chosen our defensive driving school to erase their traffic ticket from their driving record. That’s because our course is easy to take, fun, and it is definitely the least painful way to take a defensive driving course. Some of your friends may have already taken our course, maybe even more than once. State law mandates that you can only have so many tickets dismissed, but if a year has passed since you last took a defensive driving course, then you probably qualify to take it again. You will know if you are eligible to take our course when you read the paperwork given to you when you appeared in court.

There are many more advantages to attending our defensive driving school, such as the fact that it is so affordable. Our online course costs only $25.00, which is a steal when you consider all that you get for your money. In fact, saving 10% on your auto insurance rate can add up to $100, $200, or more in a year or two. Taking our course also lowers your risk of having to pay a three-year stipend to the state under the Texas Point System. No matter how you look at it, our course is definitely a bargain.

The fact that we have been in business at Comedy Defensive Driving for more than 25 years means that we have helped students dismiss tickets from City Municipal Courts, as well as those from state troopers who work for the Justice of the Peace Court. We recommend that you contact the court that issued and handled your traffic citation if you have any questions about whether or not you qualify to take defensive driving.