So the Dallas Cowboy’s 2009 season came to an end this past Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. On the way home to my apt. after the game I noticed more road rage than usual on the streets of Dallas. I also noticed most of the road rage drivers were wearing Dallas Cowboy’s apparel, is this just coincidence? I mean, could an actual football game or any game for that matter, actually affect the way you drive or how you react to the other driver’s actions? Running late and emotions are the main reasons why some people drive aggressively. So if you think about it, a passionate sports fan could easily find themselves reacting negatively towards another person’s driving. Mix that aggressive driving with some alcohol and now you have a deadly combination.

So what’s the solution to all these road wars that are sweeping across the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and I’m sure in your town as well? Time management is a start. Running late is the number one reason why people speed, duh! So this, in turn, could be perceived as aggressive driving to other people and could cause a chain reaction that leads to road rage and unfortunately, could cost other people their lives and all because someone was running late. And last but certainly not least, the Cowboy’s offensive line could do a better job at blocking and the offense could learn not to turn the ball over so much!!! If the Cowboys could just make it to the Super Bowl, Cowboy fans in Dallas wouldn’t be taking their frustrations out on the road! OK, maybe that’s being unreasonable. But it sure would be nice to have another Vince Lombardi trophy in Big D.

What ticks you off as a driver? What is your number one pet peeve that can set you off and cause you to run that jerk/asshole off the road? Send me your comments and maybe even your suggestions. Join me again next week and until then…

Take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton