Wow, 2009 came and went like a speeder driving in the left lane at 90mph, advancing in and out of the months and seasons like a cabbie changing lanes on the way to the airport! Last year was a blur. I think my recollection of ’09 was the equivalent of highway hypnosis, how the hell did it get to be 2010 so quick?! What happen to 2009?! How did I wake up in a Motel 6 in New Mexico??!! Just kidding, I would remember something like that! Even though last year was full of life-changing events, like an 8 year relationship came to an end, I moved to Dallas, Christmas in Florida was a drunken purple haze (I think I was seeing purple elephants) and of course….I finally talked to my doctor about Viagra. Just kidding again…really I don’t need that…seriously, I was just joking.

In general, sometimes I forget to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak. It seems like if I slow down, I’ll get run over from the person behind me trying to get ahead, like a tailgating jackass! But sometimes I do like to take the scenic route, just to see something different. I mean, why not? I get bored easily and my A.D.D. won’t let me do the repetitive for too long. It also seems that with all the time I’ve spent on the road and the chapters of life that have come to pass like exits on a crazy freeway, it’s easy to find to the correlation between the two. With all this talk about life and driving, I guess Rascal Flatts was right when they sang “Life is a highway…” etc, etc. I hope you find your cruise control on your journey through life and on the highway. And don’t forget to use your blinkers to let others know where you are going. Join me again next week and until then…

Take care and be safe-
Danny Keaton