Alright, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. So you know what that means, guys! Open that wallet big and wide! Last year for Valentine’s Day I spent over $300, that was just for the roses, candy and dinner and did I get any at the end of the night??? You’re damn right I did!

I know a lot of you guys will be putting your best foot forward on Sunday night, especially if you haven’t been dating your sweetheart that long. Taking your clothes to the cleaners, polishing your shoes…maybe even using deodorant, but have you thought about the cleanliness of your car? The condition of the interior of your vehicle can set the tone for the rest of the date, good or bad. Also not mentioning how your last relationship ended in violence is a good idea too. A few women have told me that they knew they made the right choice to go out with me when they got into my car for the first time. And a few said they wished they had never met me as they threw some sort of an appliance at me. Windex, Armor all, air fresheners to get rid of that fart smell will be your essential tools for your car’s makeover.

I hope this Valentine’s Day is a special one for you and your sweet puddings and if you don’t have a valentine, then realize how lucky you and your wallet/bank account really are. I hope I don’t sound bitter because I’m not. I love my girlfriend and I’m excited about our first Valentine’s Day together. (Yeah and I’m writing this because I know she reads my blogs.) No really, I am excited Sunday night. She had to sit through the Super Bowl last Sunday, so the least I can do is take her out on a special night.

Join me again next week and until then…

Take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton