If you live in Texas, and you have recently gotten a traffic citation, you may be concerned about how the points on your driver’s license will affect you. You may be facing a huge fine, and your auto insurance rate could skyrocket. You may have been ordered by the court to complete a defensive driving course. If you have to take a course about defensive driving in Texas, don’t worry, because we make it an entertaining experience. You will never need to read thick books or listen to boring lectures on driving. At Comedy Defensive Driving, we offer our course in two versions. You can stay home and take our online version, or find a city where our course is offered. Many cities in Texas have classroom courses, such as Comedy Defensive Driving in Houston, Texas. Here is some information about it:

• Texas Education Agency State Approved

• Accepted by all courts in the state

• Dismiss your ticket while you have fun taking our class

• Reduce your auto insurance rates by 10%

• The State of Texas requires that courses must be at least 360 minutes, with 60 minutes throughout the course of break time

• Prices range from $25 to $50, depending on where you take your course

More Information about Our Defensive Driving in Texas

When you take our defensive driving in Texas, you will need to bring along your state issued ID. This could be your driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate. You also need a copy of your traffic ticket, or any paperwork that you were given when you appeared in court. Bring along a pen and paper for notes, and there is a test at the end. If you did not pay online, then you will also need to bring cash or a money order for your class fee. We will have a menu that lists the available items that you can buy for a meal, since there are certain times when you will be able to eat and drink. Shortly after you complete your defensive driving in Austin, TX, or in another city in Texas, we will send your certificate to you.