At Comedy Defensive Driving, we offer a Florida-approved defensive driving course that is easy to complete. It is an online course that takes only 4 hours to complete. Best of all, it is funny, and will keep you entertained because it is written by top comedians who make people laugh. Here is some information about our FL traffic school:

• You can avoid or reduce points on your license by complete our course.

• It is an online course that consists of watching a hilarious video.

• There is no reading, no writing, and no arithmetic involved.

• If you need to stop for any reason, that’s okay. Just resume watching where you left off when you return.

• Our course satisfies Court/DMV ordered classes.

• You can also lower your auto insurance rates by up to 10%.

• It costs only $25.00, which is the lowest price allowed by law.

• There are no hidden fees.

• Your certificate will be electronically submitted directly to the DMV.

Take Our Defensive Driving from Home or on Your Lunch Break

You can take our defensive driving course anywhere that has a computer and the basics that allow you to get online. FL traffic school is simple to access if you have DSL or Broadband and an Internet Browser. It works with Mac, Windows, or Linux-based systems, and you will need to have Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater. Other basics that you need are a keyboard, mouse, and speakers or headphones. It is possible to complete our course on a weekend afternoon, or watch two hours of the video for two evenings during the week. Any way that you do it, you will have fun while you reduce or avoid points on your driver’s license.