Now that the inclement weather of spring is just around the corner, I thought I would give a couple of reminders about driving in bad weather.  The movie Twister may have glamorized storm chasing, but trust me there is nothing glamorous about being hurled like a Frisbee by an F-4 tornado, not to mention what that’ll do to your hair.


Reminder #1 – “If there’s water on the ground, don’t drown go around!”  Just a few inches of running water can cause a car to lift off the ground and now, Bon Voyage; you’ll be floating away! 


Reminder #2 – One of the biggest causes of accidents due to severe weather is hydroplaning.  Hydroplaning is caused by water getting in between the tire and the road.  The faster you go, the more you increase the chances of hydroplaning, so slow down when the roads are wet.


Reminder #3 – Another tip for driving in inclement weather is to check your windshield wipers, being prepared is ½ the battle.  Rain X works really well and no, I did not get paid for saying that.  Keep a poncho under your seat, (Not a small Hispanic guy, poncho, meaning raincoat.)


I wish you safe journeys on your roads and wherever they may take you on the voyage of your life. Next week we will discuss teenage drivers vs. elderly drivers. Keep your e-mails coming in, I look forward to reading them.


Take care-

Danny Keaton