This past week I was working at a comedy club in Wichita, Kansas.  The manager of the club was taking another comedian to the airport.  They were switching lanes on the freeway to pass an 18-wheeler, when all a sudden a fire extinguisher was coming at them like a bad 3-d movie.  The manager said she didn’t have time to react, this thing was coming.  Luckily the extinguisher didn’t explode and it grazed the side of her vehicle, not causing any other accidents, but it could have been a lot worse. 


One of the most dangerous vehicles on the roads with us today is open-bed trucks and open-drawn trailers; hauling furniture, construction equipment or mattresses.  And sometimes these mattresses have a drunk lying on the mattress trying to hold it down.  Now the drunk is taking a magic carpet ride and it doesn’t turn out good for our drunken friend.


Those kinds of accidents you see on movies such as Final Destination happen everyday in the United States. Be aware of your surroundings and unsecured cargo.  If you see a mattress riding on top of a car and everybody in the car, including the driver has one arm out the window trying to hold down the mattress and the other hand holding a beer; something bad is about to happen.  If you see furniture tied down or not tied down in the back of a truck, look at the driver and ask yourself, “Do I trust this guy’s good judgment?”


I have even seen one shoe flying out of a car!  One shoe!  What tha hell is that all about?!  Be safe and have some safety awareness while driving. Until next week, be safe and the comments and suggestions coming in.


Take care-

Danny Keaton