School’s back in session. If you have little ones, you already know this and your mornings are more harried lately. You’re trying to get the kids to school on time, while trying not to get a speeding ticket, especially in a school zone. You don’t want to be calling your boss to tell him you’re going to be late. And, you especially don’t want to be on your phone while you’re in a school zone. Be extra careful for those stopped buses, too. There’s so much more to be looking out for now when it comes to back to school driving. You’re better off to just be paying extra attention while school is in session. All of these moving violations carry a hefty fine. Too many of these violations on your driving record could result in having your driver license revoked. Now, how will you get those kiddos to school if that happens? Perhaps Uber or Lyft to get back to school?

Children will be distracted too. Some are walking to school, while texting friends and not paying attention. You can expect to see them crossing the street, and not always at crosswalks. Some will exit the bus and run across the road. So, just be aware and don’t add your own distractions to the mix. Most school zones, anymore, become a one-way road situation for parents dropping off and picking up their children. You can bet that there will be police present, making sure that everyone is driving safely and obeying school zone laws. Even when you are not directly near the school, the school zone may extend beyond the point where you would expect it to end, since some kids are walking to school. And, where the school zone ends and the speed limit increases, make darned sure that your car passes the speed limit sign before you begin to accelerate, and not before you approach that sign. Passing a school bus with its red lights flashing, using a cell phone, speeding, not stopping for crossing guards all lead up to a really bad beginning of the school year.

And, if you really think about it, parents have already tricked their kids into being excited about going back to school by purchasing them new school clothes, backpacks, books, cool notebooks and accessories. They’re already going to find out on the first day of school that they were once again tricked into being excited about school. Just pay attention, and don’t make it worse for them. And, once you drop them off, you can go back home and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Back To School – Comedy Defensive Driving