I often have discussions in my defensive driving class about the state’s requirement for auto inspections and the constant talk about doing away with non-commercial inspections or perhaps all vehicle inspections. I must admit that I am that person who procrastinates every year, when it’s time to get my car inspected. However, if you think of it as your car getting a check up once a year, like an annual physical at the doctor’s office, it really is a great idea.

Environmental activists say my city’s air quality already fails E.P.A. standards. And if older, more pollutant vehicles are on the roads, the issue could get even worse.  It is important to keep those emission tests in place, because that’s how you can tell if your vehicle has problems or not.

There are perhaps more than 35 states that have gotten rid of inspections. Two states that I have lived in are California and Illinois. While Illinois does not require an inspection, California emissions laws are intense.  And, although I would love nothing more than to not have to shell out money every year to get my vehicle inspected (not to mention the time that it takes to get it inspected), I would rather pay the extra cost to preserve our environment and not worry about cars breaking down in the express lane on the freeway.

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Daun Thompson

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