What great state offers up to $600 in emissions repairs and up to $3,500 in vehicle replacement? Nowhere but Texas! There is financial assistance for replacing your higher emissions emitting car or truck. If your vehicle fails the emissions portion of the state inspection or if your vehicle is at least 10 years old, you can apply for assistance. The AirCheckTexas program offers this assistance to aid in keeping our environment clean and to keep broken down vehicles off the road. And you can check their criteria on their website.

Reducing emissions pollution to reduce smog ozone and, in turn, protecting our stratospheric ozone is crucial for our children’s future. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, ozone-reduction strategies in Texas have decreased ozone statewide by 29% from 2000 to 2014. By comparison, the rest of the nation averaged only a 16% decrease over the same period.

So, what can you do to limit ozone formation?

• Limit driving and idling. Carpool, combine errands to make less run. Use Public transportation. Bike or walk where you can. (If you have a DWI and have lost your license, you probably bike or walk to work anyway)
• Refuel your vehicle in the late afternoon or evening and don’t top off the tank. If we refuel while the sun is up during the hot summer months, we release gasoline fumes that can react with the sunlight and other pollutants to form ozone. When we refuel after the sun has set, the gasoline fumes that are released into the air will not have the intense sunlight available to gain a photochemical reaction, so our ozone levels will be lower.
• Keep your vehicle maintained, including proper tire pressure.
• Maintain your yard equipment, including changing the oil and replacing air filters regularly on your mower. Also consider using tools without motors or even electric tools. Manual hand tools and push mowers don’t generate emissions. (So quit the gym and get a good, honest workout in your own yard)
• Don’t burn leaves or yard waste.
• Use paint and cleaning products with less to zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

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Daun Thompson
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