Every year, when the “Hot Wheels” list comes out, I like to write a blog about the top 10 most stolen vehicles in the U.S. This information alone may help direct you when shopping for a new vehicle. But, I wonder if this list really does affect vehicle sales. And, I suppose this annual list could be the lazy thief’s “go-to.” Like a cheat-sheet for an idiot, yet a little less stupid than tattooing your own name on your knuckles (which comes in handy when you forget your own name, I suppose).

While it appears that Honda Accords and Civics dominate the list, they are said to be older models that are actually targeted due to their pre-“smart key” technology for anti-theft. So, while thefts are down dramatically due to these and other anti-theft technologies, generally vehicles are still able to be stolen due to the owner’s own negligence. They’re usually left unlocked with the keys in it. It’s too late for those who have already had a car stolen this way, but they will tell you that taking the time to lock it up will not only save you a lot of money in deductibles (not to mention the lost valuables you were carrying in the vehicle), you may be held responsible for the theft. Leaving the keys in it, unlocked is like saying “Hey, take me!” If you have insurance, they may pay for it, but it depends on the policy. Some policies may not cover this if they determine that you were negligent. And, what if that car thief decides to go for a joy-ride with the police hot on their tail? They seem to always have the desire to drive through properties, go the wrong way against traffic, do 120 mph in school zones, etc. (you know, like the game Grand Theft Auto). I’ve always wondered if you would be somewhat responsible for some of that damage. And what if they killed someone with your car because YOU left the darned keys in it?

So, what are the Top 10 Leading Stolen Cars in the U.S. (drum roll….)
1. Honda Accord
2. Honda Civic
3. Any Full-Size Ford Pick-Up Truck
4. Any Full-Size Chevy Pick-Up Truck
5. Toyota Camry (do they still make these?)
6. Nissan Altima
7. Any Full-Size Dodge Pick-Up Truck
8. Toyota Corolla
9. Chevy Impala
10. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee

What about vehicle theft in your own state? Here’s what they show for my home state of Texas, and it’s not surprising that the top three most stolen are pick-up trucks (go figure).
1. Any Full-Size Ford Pick-Up Truck
2. Any Full-Size Chevy Pick-Up Truck
3. Any Full-Size Dodge Pick-Up Truck
4. Honda Accord
5. Honda Civic
6. Chevy Tahoe
7. Any Full-Size GMC Pick-Up Truck (have we covered all trucks yet?)
8. Toyota Camry
9. Nissan Altima
10. Chevy Impala (what’s up with this car??)

And, where are the top hot spots for vehicle theft? Well, they’re not here in Texas and for that I am grateful.
1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
2. Pueblo, Colorado
3. Bakersfield, California
4. Modesto, California
5. Riverside, California
6. Anchorage, Alaska
7. Merced, California
8. San Francisco, California
9. Fresno, California (really, California??)

Just remember HIDE – LOCK – TAKE YOUR KEYS

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
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