Defensive Driving Demo | Comedy Defensive Driving®

Dismiss a ticket while watching a 100% video course with comedy skits and fun animation. Mobile-Friendly. Short Course. Low Price. Defensive driving is the easiest way to dismiss a traffic ticket.

If you plan to register for our Comedy Defensive Driving in Houston, you will first need to have a copy of your Texas driving record. You need to have the approval of the court that issued your traffic citation before signing up for class. If you are wondering why this is necessary, the main reason is that the court wants to see how many traffic violations you have previously had dismissed by taking our class. There is a limit to how many times the state allows drivers to dismiss their traffic tickets in this way. There are three easy steps to get your driving record that you will need to see if you are eligible to take our class. Sometimes, the court has already obtained your driving record. If this is the case, they will have already checked to see if you are allowed to dismiss your traffic ticket. Otherwise, you can follow these easy steps to obtain your record:

1. Get online and go to the State of Texas website.
2. Follow the link to “driver record.”
3. Order version 3A, the certified copy that most courts require.
4. Pay $12.00 with a credit card.
5. Print your certificate from your printer, or order your certificate to be delivered by the post office in a few days.


Register for Our Class when You Have Your Texas Driving Record

Once you have your Texas driving record, and you are sure that the judge who heard your case has allowed you to take our Texas defensive driving classes, you can register. At that point, you will be set to dismiss your traffic ticket. You can also lower your auto insurance rate by as much as 10%. You will enjoy attending your class, because your instructor will be a professional comedian. Get ready to laugh as you learn in the most enjoyable way possible.