Residents of Texas have the option of completing either our defensive driving online or classroom course. If you like to sit back and relax by yourself in the privacy of your home, then our defensive driving school online is for you. It is State Approved by all courts in the State of Texas, and it takes only 5 hours plus 1 hour of break time to complete. Our defensive driving online course in Texas will dismiss your traffic ticket, and you can lower your auto insurance rates by as much as 10%. Why not laugh as you dismiss your traffic ticket online? Here are some important facts to know about our course:

• Over 2,500,000 students have completed our course since 1989

• We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

• We process certificates daily

• Our fee is only $25.00, which is the lowest rate allowable by law

• Since our TX defensive driving course online is a video, you can watch it at your convenience

• Stop and start whenever you want to

Our Defensive Driving School is Easy

We are sure that you will find that our defensive driving school is easy for you. There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic, so you will not need to worry about completing countless worksheets or writing reports on safe driving. You will need to obtain your Texas driving record before registering for our defensive driving course. If you have not received paperwork from the court authorizing you to take a defensive driving course, then you will need to call the court that handled your traffic citation. Your driving record is required so that the court can see how many traffic violations you have already had dismissed. Many times, the court allows you to take the course again, even if you took it in a previous year. We have found that the easiest way to get your Texas driving record is by ordering it online from the State of Texas website. Just follow the links and be sure to order a Certified Copy of your driving record.