The State of Florida frequently requires that those who have received a traffic citation must attend Florida traffic school. If you are one of these drivers, you are probably not very happy about the thought of taking off of work to do this. Well, relax, because you can take our Florida online traffic school whenever it is convenient for you. Our course is approved by the State of Florida and is accepted as a 4 hour BDI/TCAC Traffic School. We promise that you will not have a boring class that lectures you on what you did wrong. You will not need to read thick driving manuals or memorize traffic laws. There is no writing or arithmetic, either. All that you need to do is relax in the comfort of your home and watch a very funny video that was written by top comedic talent. Here are some other facts about our defensive driving course in Florida:

• You can avoid or reduce points on your driver’s license
• It takes only 4 hours to complete our course
• Auto insurance rates can also be reduced by up to 10%
• You will laugh throughout our video
• Watch the video at a time that is convenient for you
• You can stop the video if you need to do something, and then resume watching where you left off
• There is no reading or writing involved
• We submit your certificate directly to the DMV after you complete our defensive driving online course

All that you need to take our online course is an internet connection and some of the basics that you probably already have, including DSL or Broadband, Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater, peripheral devices such as a mouse and keyboard, speakers or headphones, and an operating system such as Mac, Windows, or Linux. You will need to log onto our website at to begin taking our course. Registration can be done online, and you pay only $25.00 for the entire course. We never have additional charges or hidden fees.

Florida Online Traffic School is Easy to Complete

Our Comedy Defensive Driving course has been completed by more than 2,500,000 students across the country. We offer our online course in every state, and our Florida online traffic school in the State of Florida. You can register for our course online by first telling us why you are taking our class. We need to know this information to ensure that your certificate is submitted to the DMV after you complete your course, if required. There are several reasons why students take our FL traffic school course, including Basic Driver Improvement (BDI). If you have received a traffic citation and want to attend traffic school to avoid points on your license and insurance penalties, click on this option.

You may have been ordered by the court to take a Court Ordered Course. In this case, click on Court Ordered Students (BDI). You may have received a letter from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (DHSMV) directing you to complete a 4 hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course. If this has happened to you, then choose this option. You may also select Insurance Discount to register for our traffic school to qualify for lower auto insurance premiums. Finally, you can attend our Florida traffic school on a voluntary basis. After you pay $25.00 for your traffic school fee, you will be able to begin watching our funny video to remove the points from your driver’s license.