Once the courts have told you that you are going to be required to attend traffic school, you really have no choice but to attend or face the consequences of your latest ticket. Just because you have to take the course does not mean that you should have to spend a fortune on it. Most people don’t know that you can take an online video course in the comfort of your own home in a schedule that fits around your work schedule?

Not only is this the lowest price traffic school you are likely to find, it will also save you money as you will not have to travel, spend the entire day or weekend at the school or miss work. The Comedy Defensive Driving course offers a fun, and affordable way to take traffic school. People really enjoy taking our course because it is not the standard boring course that they have to slog their way through, because it is funny you will learn more than you thought you would and best of all it is approved by Texas and Florida state courts as a way to fulfill your requirements.