I didn’t realize that CarFax existed since in 1984. Thank goodness there are resources like this.
We’d all own a brand new car if we could afford it. But with it comes along the taxes and full coverage insurance that a new car requires. I’ve been talking about buying a new car for a few years now and I’m ready to spin the wheel. I’ll have to clean my used car up before I can put it on the market along with its issues. That makes me realize that if I choose to buy a pre-owned car, will I be purchasing someone else’s problems? If a pre-owned car is not certified, you have to consider what you are paying for under the hood.

The experts say if possible, buy a new car. Although its value will depreciate when you drive it off the lot, it will have a warranty and other perks. If you can’t afford it, buy yourself a new car smell air freshener to hang in that vehicle that you’re about to buy. A four-year-old car with low mileage and a few months left on the original warranty is what you should look for. This way, the original owner already took the hit on depreciation.

Make sure the car has underwent a thorough inspection before you buy it, so they will address those issues at the dealership. If you buy it from an individual, you’re kind of on your own. What to look for is a certified pre-owned car with low miles and a warranty. A certified pre-owned car is a vehicle that comes with a complete inspection along with a potential warranty and other benefits.


Certified or Not, Always Review What is In A Pre-Owned Car’s History

The Federal Trade Commission has devised tips for purchasing a used car.  In addition to having it inspected by your own mechanic, they also recommend that you research a car’s history using its vehicle identification number (VIN).  Reports from CarFax, Experian Automotive, the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Department of Justice’s National Motor Vehicle Title Information System may alert you to prior accident damage and odometer fraud.  I test drove a car once that had odd “rusty” seat belt hardware.  I looked for any prior owner information in the glove compartment and found that the original owner was from New Orleans.  And this car had likely survived Hurricane Katrina.  Glad we thought to look. Additionally, if buying a pre-owned vehicle is the way to go for you, having it certified would protect yourself from what would be problematic issues later on.

A list of issues can include faulty airbags, brakes, tires, etc.  And be sure that any “promises” made regarding repairs and warranties are in writing before you drive off.  Just gather enough information about the vehicle as possible.  Yes, I believe a certified pre-owned car is what is best for me.


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A Pre-Owned Car – Comedy Defensive Driving