I read an article claiming that women can’t keep a secret for longer than 32 minutes (or was it 32 seconds…I can’t recall…I was too busy talking). Maybe its just that some of us like to hear ourselves talk. I had a guy about my age in my class who wrote on the teacher evaluation of me “She’s a talker.” What the heck?? I’m supposed to talk. I was teaching! What does he prefer to do? Give him the silent treatment for six hours…like every other girl he knows?? Another kid in the class wrote “She’s funny (looking).  The brat!
So I’m a talker and I can’t keep a secret. Oi! At my age, I’d be lucky to remember a secret for longer than 32 minutes (or seconds). So, as far as I am concerned, I had better get to passing that sucker on while it’s still fresh in my head.  Actually, did they really mean secret or confession?  Offhand, I can’t think of any juicy secrets of my own. But confessions? Now that’s another story. I suppose my biggest secret (or perhaps it’s more of a confession), I haven’t changed my oil since 2008. Another? Whenever there’s a knocking, pinging or grinding sound while I’m driving, I just turn up the radio to drown it out. Voila!
You can’t think of anything to confess? How about this? When was the last time you read that car manual? You know, the one that came with your car. The one in that pristine factory-sealed plastic bag that has never been opened. The only thing in your car that still looks new? If you ask around, a majority of people have never even perused their manual. That’s surprising, since there are some uber important tidbits of information within your car manual. Such as how your ABS (anti-lock brake system) works. How to disengage/engage your air bags. Where that fuse box is located. Where your spare tire is stored, as well as the ever-so-crucial “jack”.  Oh well, that’s what roadside assistance is for, eh? There’s usually an 800 number on the back of your drivers license for that.  And, in most cases, it’s free (you’re already paying for it with your tax dollars anyway). But don’t drop your AAA or auto insurance roadside assistance. It won’t pay to have you towed when you can’t find that jack!
Until next week…crack open that manual.  Take a peek at it.  Make a holiday trivia game out of the information within it.  And for cying out loud, have a happy holiday.
Daun Thompson