Traffic is back, in case you haven’t noticed. A good majority of states are almost back to their pre-corona days when it comes to traffic. For better or worse, the highways are back to their normal selves. We decided this was a good time to freshen up on some heavy traffic safety tips! After all, it has been a while since a lot of us have driven our normal bumper to bumper commute.

Top Safety Tips for Driving in Traffic Jams

If you have been following us for a while you know we like to break down as simple as possible. Below you’ll find our favorite tips on driving safely during traffic jams.

Avoid aggressive driving

This should be a given but, for many of us, it is easy to forget. It has been a long time since a lot of us have driven shoulder to shoulder with fellow cars. Always remind yourself and your friends that aggressive driving doesn’t mean you’re going to get to your destination any faster. Traffic is back and it’s not changing. It’s also not going to go any faster because you’re mad at it.

Keep your distance

How much distance should you keep between you and other cars? If you have taken our Comedy Defensive Driving course recently you may already know the answer to this. While in traffic you should keep at least three seconds between you and the car in front of you. It is extremely easy to stop paying attention in stop and go traffic. Because of this, we see a lot of fender benders, ALOT. By keeping a proper distance between you and your driving neighbors you ensure both of you are safe from accidental car touching. You also, wont piss off your driving neighbors 🙂

Plan for it

This next tip is one of our favorites from Daily Traffic Alerts. They very simply put, you need to plan for TRAFFIC! It is inevitable, it always happens and it is always frustrating. By planning ahead we save ourselves the headache of being late, driving aggressively, and driving too close to other cars because we think that’s going to get us there any faster. *Spoiler* it is not. Plan for it! The most simple yet effective advice.

Stay Sharp

Our last tip for staying safe on the road is to stay sharp! Distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents. There is never a time to be more easily distracted than when you are driving slowly! Just because you are no longer traveling at high speeds does not mean grab your cell phone. In fact, it is the opposite. While in stop and go traffic, it is extremely important to continue to watch the cars in front of you and always be aware! Never take your eyes off the road.

Remember to take your online Defensive Driving Course if you need a good refresher on any of these driving tips OR if you are in need of dismissing a ticket.

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