When you attend our defensive driving school, you will finish the course with a full understanding of what it takes to successfully navigate the roads — no matter what situation may arise. Being prepared helps to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of other drivers on the road. One situation that may seem harmless enough is driving at night. Now, night driving may seem simple — it’s just like driving in the daytime, only at night, right? Wrong! When you are driving at night, you have to keep some key points in mind:

• You can no longer see as far into the distance, so take that into account. Avoid getting too close to the traffic in front of you, because you can’t necessarily see what’s going on in front of them.
• Since you can’t see as far at night, you also have to be more aware of your surroundings. It only takes seconds for a deer to appear in your headlights and cause an accident.
• If the weather is rainy, it can make it even more difficult to drive at night. Make sure your wipers are in good shape. Applying a rain shield to your windshield can also help. Your headlights are going to reflect off the rain as you drive, making it much harder to see than if you were driving in the daylight.
• Finally, make sure your lights are all in good working order. If the car behind you cannot see your brake lights or your turn signal at night, you could be rear-ended. A few seconds of your time to check your lights before heading out for the night could save you an accident.

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