The other day traffic was backed up and this dude was coming out of a parking lot.  When the traffic started to move I let him in, as the truck pulled in front of me, the dude didn’t give “a wave”! I was just as offended as if he just shot me the finger!  I don’t know why I let it get to me, it just did.  Am I wrong, Dr. Phil ??!!  Who knows, maybe the dude just had one arm and he had to use his good arm to steer.  Yes, the “one arm” theory!  OK, unlikely, but possible.

Next time someone lets you in, give a friendly, thank you wave.  I’m sure they would appreciate it.  Sorry about using the term “The Dude”, I just watched the Big Lebowski again, the other night!  Great movie!!  So is the Fugitive! (1993)

Do you give a thank you wave while in a car? Do you wave back when someone gives you a thank you wave? Let me know and I’ll talk to you next week, until then…

Take Care-

Danny Keaton