If you get cited for a moving violation, what are your options?  You could pay the ticket. But, if you do, those points would go on your driving record and your insurance could increase as a result.  Even if you check the box on the ticket to plead “Not Guilty”, and you pay the full price of the ticket, it’s as good a pleading guilty. Because the points still go on your driving record.  Your best option would be to take a defensive driving class. You can take one online or in a classroom setting.  Even your insurance agent would suggest you do the same.

Your other options?  Well, for a nominal fee, you may purchase the National Motorists Association’s Guide to Fighting Speeding Tickets.  A comprehensive collection of ticket-fighting information. This guide tells you how to handle your case in court.

However, it does not tell you how to speak to the police officer who is pulling you over.  Two proven things that used to work to get out a ticket there, were A. showing cleavage, and B. cry like a girl (acting lessons used to really pay off).  Not anymore. Another thing that used to work and doesn’t always now, was showing up for your court date with hopes that the officer would be a no-show. Some police are paid time-and-a-half or double-time ( incentive) to show up for their court dates.

As for how to talk to the officer pulling you over?  Just be honest.  That’s what they’re really looking for.  Honesty.  Don’t be crabby with them or try to be clever.  They get enough of that all day long.

Until Next Week…keep that record clean.

Daun Thompson