Gas prices are on the rise, just in case you’ve been so distracted by the March Madness you didn’t realize. According to a recent story on Weekend Edition Sunday on National Public Radio, “The national average for unleaded gas has risen to $3.50 a gallon only three times in history. This year’s rise to that threshold is the earliest ever, and the Department of Energy suggests that prices could near $5 a gallon by the start of the summer driving season.” With gas prices that high payday loans should set up shop next door to all Chevrons.

Here are a few tips on how you can better your gas mileage and save you a trip to the human plasma center for gas money.

1. Drive more efficiently. Speeding, rapidly accelerating and braking wastes gas! When the light turns green, it’s not the start of a drag race, just ease on the gas pedal. Slow down and don’t drive so aggressively, easier said than done for some people…you know who you are.
2. Remove excess weight from your vehicle. This doesn’t mean don’t go anywhere with your spouse, it means remove unneeded items in your trunk but not the emergency road side kit!
3. Keep your tires rotated and balanced. Balance is the key to everything, Mr. Miyagi would say.

Keeping your vehicle in good shape also helps with increasing your gas mileage. Forget about diamonds! With gas prices on the rise, pretty soon premium unleaded will be a girl’s best friend.

Until next week…conserve fuel and preserve your bank balance.

Daun Thompson