At Comedy Defensive Driving, you can choose whether you want to take our classroom course or online course. Either one you choose will be accepted by all courts in the state. Our Texas defensive driving is state approved by the Texas Education Agency. Educators know that students retain what they learn when they have fun learning. We have purposely built comedy into our course, because we never want anyone to have to go through a boring class that will put you to sleep. You will not yawn one time, when you hear the professional comedians’ funny instructional routine as they teach your class. If you are a social type who loves to be around others, you will have a chance to talk and interact during your class time. There is a class near your city, no matter where you live in the state. Taking our class has these two huge benefits:

• You can dismiss your traffic ticket in one class

• You can get an insurance reduction of up to 10% as an added bonus

Before registering for our defensive driving classes, you will first need to obtain your Texas driving record. The court that issued the traffic citation to you will let you know if you need to obtain a certified copy of this record. Some courts in the state will do this for you, but they then charge a fee for doing it. It is important that you know what your particular requirements for taking a defensive driving course are. Most of the time, you will be given information about whether you need to obtain your state driving record. We recommend that you call the court directly to find out, if you are not sure.

Why You Need Your Driving Record to Take Texas Defensive Driving

You are probably wondering why you would need your driving record. The court wants to be sure that you qualify to take a defensive driving course, and it depends on how many traffic violations you have already had dismissed by taking our course. Each judge has a policy regarding how many times a driver is allowed to take the course. Most of the time, you will be eligible to take it again, if it has been a while since the last time you took our class.

If you are getting your driving record yourself, instead of going through the court, getting it online is the easiest way. Just log onto the State of Texas website and follow the links that lead to “Order driving record.” Be sure to order a certified copy, since this type of record is required by many courts in Texas. You will need to pay $12.00 by credit card, and in a few days your driving record will arrive in the mail.

After completing our driving safety course in Texas, you will need to turn in the certificate that we provide to you. Some courts require a certified copy of your Texas driving record, and other documents. If you are not sure what the court requires, you can contact the court about these issues.