You are in luck if you live in Texas, because Texas Defensive Driving is available for you online or in the classroom. We know that you might be dreading the time that you will spend taking defensive driving in Houston Texas, but you will quickly change your mind after taking our Comedy Defensive Driving course. When we say that our course is fun and entertaining, that is the truth. We have had actual top comedic talent write our online course so that you simply need to sit in your home and be entertained by a video to dismiss your traffic ticket. If you prefer to be in a classroom where you can be around other people who have also gotten a traffic ticket, that’s great, because our classes are taught by comedians who will keep you laughing. Either way you choose to complete our defensive driving in Texas, you will have a blast. If you choose to take our classroom course, there are many locations in Texas where you can go for the class. Here is some important information that you will need to do this:

• Bring along a state issued ID, such as a driver’s license, passport or birth certificate

• You will also need a copy of your traffic ticket or the paperwork that you received from the court

• Be sure to be on time, because the state does not allow students to enter class late

• Bring a pen and paper to take notes for the test at the end of the class

Texas Defensive Driving Classes Are Completed in Only Hours

Our Texas defensive driving classes are over and done with in a matter of hours. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early because of the law that late students may not enter the class. You will be allowed to eat and drink during class, at certain times, so you may want to bring some money along. We will have a menu with items that are available for purchase.