Our defensive driving online in Texas is taken by thousands of people in the state each year. Over 2,500,000 students in the U.S. have completed our course in the past 20 years. Our low price of $25.00 is one of the reasons for the popularity of our class, along with the fact that our all-video driving safely course in Texas requires only 5 hours of course time and 1 hour of break time. Some other reasons why our defensive driving course is so popular are these:

• Our course is designed to be entertaining

• It was written by top comedic talent

• There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic

• Just watch an entertaining video

• Stop and start whenever you want to until you complete the course

Our defensive driving online course is so easy to complete, and it works on all Mac, Windows, and Linux based systems. You will need to have DSL or Broadband and an Internet Browser. You’ll also need Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater on your computer plus a mouse and keyboard, and speakers or headphones.

Benefits of Taking Our Defensive Driving Online in Texas

Besides being entertained and laughing throughout our video course, our defensive driving online in Texas has the benefit of dismissing your traffic ticket online. Our course is state approved by all courts in Texas. Another benefit is that you can reduce your auto insurance rates by as much as 10% by completing our course. Before registering for our online course, you need to be approved for defensive driving by the court that issued your traffic citation. You should either have the paperwork given to you by the court or the information that they gave you about obtaining your driving record. Your driving record is required because the court wants to know how many traffic tickets you have had dismissed in the past year.