Have you ever thought about how the traffic situation will look like in the next, oh….let’s say 100 years or even the next one thousand years?? The 101 freeway in Hollywood will still be gridlocked. I’m sure the next 1,000 years, if man hasn’t killed himself off yet, there will be no “traffic situation”, with automobiles anyway.

When we stop destroying “the” not “our” planet with oil spills into the oceans, when we stop killing the ozone with toxic air that we admit from our gasoline powered engines (including lawnmowers) when we have evolved from road rage and watching celebrity reality TV, we will be ready for a more efficient, safe way of travel. I in-vision transportation having nothing to do with a material carrier, we will be able to transport our physical bodies to other places across the plains, to another world and maybe even time. By then we will have obtained enlightenment (and for some people that is a scary thing to have.) We will have learned to live with each other as one living being and share our planet with ALL living things, including conservation Republicans. We will not divide ourselves because of fear, ignorance and the most dangerous, religion.

But you have to “crawl before you can walk.” I have something to add to that:

“You also have to walk and stumble a few times before you can fly.”

Right now in the immediate future we can look at electric cars as the first step in “Super Human Evolution”, the second step would be getting rid of main stream media then the alternative truth becomes main stream. Most electric cars can travel 100 miles on a single charge, I bet some of you ladies wish your electric “GO GO” gadgets could go over a 100 miles! Sorry, I descended into a knuckle dragging male. Energy companies of today could supply the power for the cars of the future. Instead of gas stations, we could have electric stations. Hard to imagine but the spirit of John Lennon would say “It’s easy if you try.”

The “It takes all of us” starts with you and me, if I convert my Jeep to electricity I would be aiding the evolution of human kind and maybe “me girlfriend” would think I’m really cool. The web-site at Electriccars.com has information on the sales and conversions to electric cars.

Now a cynical person would ask me if I have converted my Jeep to electricity.

“No but at least I’m looking into it.” Join me again next week and until then,

Save the home planet-

Danny Keaton