When I hear the words “pull over”, I automatically think “police.” Although police appreciate it when you obey them and give you no other choice, here are a few signs you should pull over immediately by ComedyDefensiveDriving.com:

Pull Over for a Warning Light

If you have any warning lights come on, it could be something serious that needs immediate attention and is definitely one of the signs that you should pull over immediately and address it. Should your oil light come on, don’t continue driving, unless you’re driving to the nearest mechanic. Driving without oil can result in a knocking sound. Engine oil prevents friction. And without it, the friction will eventually cause the rods inside your engine to come loose. These rods hold your pistons in place. Without oil, the rods will wear down and eventually break. This is what you call “throwing a rod” and the next thing you hear will be your engine seizing up. The very last sound you will hear is your bank account emptying out to replace the engine. And, if your temperature light comes on, your car is likely overheating. Steam and/or a salty smell are indicative of an overheating radiator. If this happens, shut off your air conditioner to decrease the load on your engine. Turn off the radio too…for some reason that seems to help. Roll down your windows and turn on the heater and blower to transfer some of the heat off the engine. Don’t open your distributor cap until the engine has completely cooled. You may need to add water and coolant, or your thermostat may be malfunctioning. If you smell smoke or see fire coming from your engine, or hear a “ticking” sound, check your life insurance policy to make sure that your significant other hasn’t increased the pay-out.

Pull Over for Bad Weather

Good visibility is imperative for both your safety and the safety of those driving around you. If there is heavy fog or it is raining buckets, there’s another sign you should pull over immediately. Wait for the rain to die down. For fog, pull off at the next exit and get as far away from traffic as you can. Sit tight until the fog clears.

Pull Over for Distractions

If you drop something important that you just can’t wait to pick up or you have other distractions that need to be addressed such as texting or fiddling with your GPS, pull over immediately and take care of business. A friend of mine was trying to quit smoking. He tried everything, cigars, a pipe, nothing seemed to work. Then, one day he was driving home and dropped his cigarette on the floorboard of his car. He leaned down to pick it up and when he sat back up, he hit a telephone pole. The accident resulted in two missing teeth and 3 broken ribs. He said it hurt so much to smoke that he was able to quit. I would recommend the nicotine patch…it’s a lot less painful. He should have pulled over immediately and none of this would have happened. And, if you’ve ever been on a road trip with a crying baby, you have to make a lot of pit stops. I’ve driven 16 hours to Chicago with a crying baby in the car. It was like being on an airplane for 16 hours, but with no in-flight bar service (which helps). That’s a trip where you have to make many stops to hold the baby, feed and diaper the baby. That was 17 years ago and my baby is still colicky…I swear!

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Signs You Should Pull Over Immediately – Comedy Defensive Driving